The MAE Academy Organization

MAEA Leaders and Duties


Service Coordinator, Wencil McClenahan

Coordinates personal services by Academy members

1.Understand the needs of the department

Communicate regularly with the Department Head

Understand the priority of the department’s needs

2.Coordinate the Academy’s effort to support the Department and Student needs

  1. Annually prioritize and organize the Academy’s efforts with input from the

        department head, Fund Raising Coordinator, IAC Chair, and Academy Scribe

Solicit volunteers to act as Champions for specific initiatives

Solicit new initiatives from the membership

Report progress on initiatives to membership at large

3.Review, schedule, and rejuvenate ongoing initiatives to make sure they are effectively meeting Department needs.

Student Feedback Sessions, Capstone Design Review, Lockwood Lectures, Industrial Advisory Committee

4. Organize Meetings of the Academy

Annual meeting to be held in the Spring, traditionally the week of Engineer’s Week

Fall meeting traditionally held the week of homecoming

produce agenda, coordinate the logistics with the Social Chair.

Vote on expenditure of funds with Fund Raising Coordinator and IAC Chair.

Establish Long term goals of the Academy with the Fund Raising Coordinator and IAC Chair.

Serve on the Dean’s Council, and appoint two additional members to serve.